Get a Little

Priority Setting
Action Planning
Tactical Guidance

Get advice or guidance, sound-board an idea or strategy, debrief on an event or project, or just figure out your next move.

Find a Better

Recruiting & Hiring
Performance Tuning
Creating a Dream Team

Gain the clarity needed to move forward. This is ideal for short-term problem-solving, skill-building, and pathfinding.


Scaling the Business
Starting a New Business
Amplifying Organizational Effectiveness

Move forward with lasting improvement. Create the path-changing momentum needed to achieve long-term goals.

Insightful Articles

How to Keep Your Business on Track in an Irrational World

Humans are irrational. Yes, we’re capable of being rational, but for the most part we go with what “feels right”.  We love novelty, but cling to familiar. We’re hard wired to seek out newness, but fear change. We travel to new, exotic places only to spend our time in

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I’m Steve Sexton. I believe small businesses are the bedrock of community. Small businesses bring us together, provide meaningful work for millions, and make our economy strong.

I founded this company to help small business leaderslike youcreate a place where both people and business thrive.

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