Get A Little

Action Planning
Tactical Guidance
Strategy | Work Review
Technology | Software Help

Get A Little Help with a one-hour, face-to-face session. It's ideal for getting advice or guidance, sound-boarding an idea or strategy, debriefing on an event or project, or just figuring out your next move.

Find A Better

Hiring & Recruiting Assistance
People Management Coaching
Performance Analytics Creation
Sales & Marketing Improvement
Technology | Software Skill Building

Find A Better Way in four weekly, one-hour sessions. Gain the clarity and momentum you need to move forward. This package is ideal for short-term problem solving, skill building, and pathfinding.


Business Expansion
New Business Start-up
Organizational Restructuring
Benchmark & Dashboard Creation
Process Assessment & Improvement

Become More in twelve, weekly one-hour sessions. Move forward with lasting improvement. This package is ideal for creating the path-changing momentum you'll need to achieve your long-term objectives.


How to Keep Your Business on Track in an Irrational World

Humans are irrational. Yes, we’re capable of being rational, but for the most part we go with what “feels right”.  We love novelty, but cling to familiar. We’re hard wired to seek out newness, but fear change. We travel to new, exotic places only to spend our time in

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I’m Steve Sexton and I believe in business with a heart—where everyone takes pride in the business & feels they’re part of a great story!

I empower business owners to create and scale lasting improvements. I draw from over 20 years of business experience, and absolutely love helping small business owners find and implement trifecta solutions in which the customer, employee, and company win!

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