A team that works as one is a symphony of motion. A harmonizing of spirits. It’s magical.

When we work as a team, we work as one for the good of the whole. We do astonishing things. In place of drama, politics, and confusion is a single-minded entity—the team. That’s how a real team gets more done in less time and with less cost.

But it isn’t just about productivity and economic gains. Teamwork makes work meaningful. It provides a sense of connection & belonging—fulfillment. Fulfillment makes us better parents, friends, and neighbors.

Teamwork is powerful because it puts heart in our workplace and our community.

I provide services that empower small business leaders to create dream teams.
Business owners bring me in when they want to boost productivity & eliminate people problems.

Find a Better


Eliminate the common people problems. This package delivers small changes that drive big results.



Fulfill your business aspirations with ongoing support and dedication from a dependable strategic advisor and coach.

Get a Little

Moving Forward

Get advice, sound-board a strategy, or just figure out your next move. Sometimes a little help is all we need.

Coaching is how top athletes and executives work smarter.
A coach rolls up their sleeves and helps you realize your potential.

I’m Steve Sexton. I believe small businesses are the bedrock of community. Small businesses bring us together, provide meaningful work for millions, and make our economy strong.

I founded this company to help small business leaders—like you—create a place where both people and business thrive.

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