Love Your Work
Rekindle your passion!
Look forward to going to work again.
Make a Difference
Share your why!
Connect what you do with why it matters.
Be Happier
Work smarter!
Gain insight & eliminate the busy work.
Scale Your Success
Stop working yourself to death!
Take a real vacation.
Create a
Dream Team
Wake your team's talents!
They're more capable than you know.

Get people working better together.

A harmony of strength.

When we work as a team, we work as one for the good of the whole. We do astonishing things. In place of drama, politics, & confusion is a single-minded entity—the team. That’s how a Dream Team gets more done in less time & less cost.
But it isn’t just about productivity & economic gains. Teamwork instills meaning. It provides a sense of connection & belonging—fulfillment. Fulfillment goes beyond the workplace, making us better parents, friends, & neighbors.

Teamwork increases productivity, engagement, & personal fulfillment.

I’m Steve Sexton.

I help business leaders create Dream Teams.

I have a soft spot for small businesses. I believe small businesses are the bedrock of community. Small businesses bring us together, provide meaningful work for millions, and make our economy stronger.

I founded this company to help business leaders—like you—create a place where both people & business thrive.

I lead people from disharmony to purposeful connection in three stages.


Powered by 40+ years of research, the assessment combines adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms to deliver precise insights to each of your team members. These insights lay the foundation for an experience rich with inspiring “aha!” moments.


The assessment results come to life through a series of bite-sized workshops that engage and educate. I tailor each workshop to the needs of your organization. Each delivers easy-to-apply concepts and impactful activities that are geared to transform insights into bottomline results.


I provide the essential ongoing support and resources necessary to transform insights into lasting behavior change in the workplace.

Together, we roll up our sleeves and help your team realize its potential.


More people working more hours is not the answer.

Create a Dream Team

A team of 7 can easily do the work of 10 or more—while loving their work.

Stories fuel extraordinary outcomes.

At its heart, business is a story about people helping people.

But sadly, people in larger organizations frequently suffer because their leaders make decisions without knowing the whole story—a common side effect of growth. It’s caused by distance. Distance turns customers into revenue targets and employees into resource quantities. The resulting gaps in the story get unconsciously filled with bias, opinion, and speculation.

Friction is the unescapable consequence, and that friction slowly wipes out employee engagement and customer loyalty—a soul-crushing experience.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Small business is different. It’s personal. Small business leaders look their customers and employees in the eye. They share experiences—stories.

Shared stories unite small business leaders, employees, and customers. They make us care deeply for one another.

Every business is built on a story that holds the power to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness—to inspire greatness!

The power of your story is harnessed throughout my process to help you create something more than the sum of its parts, a Dream Team.



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