Get a Little

Clarify Priorities
Create an Action Plan
Visualize Results

Get advice, sound-board a strategy, or just figure out your next move. Sometimes a little help is all that's needed.

Find a Better

Better Recruiting
Better Teams
Better Results

Prevent the people issues that derail plans. This package is geared to identify small changes that deliver big results.


Amplify Capabilities
Replicate Success
Extend Results

Fulfill your business aspirations with ongoing support and dedication from a dependable strategic advisor and coach.

Insightful Articles

These 3 Identities are the Key to Easier Small Business Growth

Launching a small business is exhilarating… at first. But for most, the honeymoon is short-lived, replaced with long days of firefighting and diving catches. These people aspire to create a business, but what most create and take on is multiple jobs: owner, executive, marketer, sales person, operations manager, bookkeeper,

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I’m Steve Sexton. I believe small businesses are the bedrock of community. Small businesses bring us together, provide meaningful work for millions, and make our economy strong.

I founded this company to help small business leaderslike youcreate a place where both people and business thrive.

Start moving forward today.

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