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A better way.

I believe small businesses are the foundation of community. They bring us together and provide meaningful work for millions of people. Together, small businesses make life better and our economy stronger.

When I was little, I was the kid at the library continually checking out a stack of books that rivaled my height. I read about anything and everything. Even at a young age I was driven to understand how things work. The library was my candy store.

As an adult, my career has taken me from thriving restaurants, to Intel, to a rocketing fin-tech startup, then an international Fortune 500 company, and finally back to another skyrocketing startup. My time in and out of corporate environments has taught me that there’s always a better way.

Along the way I’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how to scale success. I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of simple, highly effective systems, and have come to understand that these systems are a function of the people in them. The key to making them work is in answers to questions like:

  • What makes us do what we do, especially the crazy stuff?
  • Why do only a few people achieve extraordinary things?
  • How does motivation work?
  • Why do some teams gel, while others don’t?
  • What are the parts and pieces that make the magic happen?

The answers I’ve found might surprise you.

Steve Sexton

Principle Advisor
"I help business owners create and scale lasting improvements. I have over 20 years of experience working with start-ups, small businesses, and large corporates. I absolutely love crafting trifecta solutions in which the customer, employee, and company win!

I love business.

At its heart, business is about people helping people. 

But sadly, people suffer when business leaders operate with an incomplete story. This happens as Information is sanitized, trimmed, and polished by numerous management levels on its way to their desk. The story behind the data becomes increasingly disfigured with biases, opinions, and speculation. 

Expansion also separates executives from the heart of business. People become “resource” quantities. Eliminating resources to shore up the books each year seems logical, even prudent. 

To preserve the industrial illusion, eliminated “resources” are quickly and quietly disappeared from the workplace—purged from all systemsas if they never existed

The lack of human compassion is soul-crushing.

There is a better way.

Small business is different. It’s personal. Small business owners look both their customers and employees in the eye, so they see the effect of their actions.

Because small business owners know their customers and employees personally, they care deeply for their wellbeing. They become family.

More smaller employers, spread over a larger area, create more opportunities, and have a stabilizing effect on the economy. 

For these reasons and more, I believe bringing small businesses back to Main Street in every community will not only bring us together, it will make the country stronger.

I believe we can create a future where the majority of employment is again with small businesses—where we all trust, enjoy, and take pride in what we do for a living! 

This vision fuels all that I do.

Two out of three small businesses fail within 10 years (half of them within 5 years). Get beyond just keeping the lights on. Learn systems that safeguard your business and keep you loving what you do!

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