Helping people work better together.

Bolster recruiting results, boost employee engagement, and improve team effectiveness.

Reduce employee attrition, minimize unhealthy conflict, and prevent toxic behaviors.

In place of drama, politics, & confusion is a single-minded entity—a Dream Team.

A Dream Team remains laser-focused on what matters most.

A Dream Team works for the good of the whole.

Fueling extraordinary outcomes.

At its heart, every business is a story about people helping people.

But sadly people in many companies suffer because decisions are made without knowing the whole story—a common side effect of growth.

Growth creates distance that obscures customer & employee situations. And the story gaps get unknowingly filled in with bias, opinion, & speculation.

Friction is the consequence, and that friction blocks employee engagement & erases customer loyalty.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Shared stories create shared experiences, experiences that shrink distance.

Shared stories have the potential to unite business leaders, employees, customers, & community—making us care deeply for one another.

Every business is built on stories that can improve quality, efficiency, & effectiveness—inspire greatness!

Your stories are harnessed throughout my process to create something extraordinary, a Dream Team.

Hi, I'm Steve Sexton

When I'm not out adventuring with my soul mate or exploring the city, I'm working to help business leaders create places where both people & business thrive.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with over 25 years of leadership experience working with small businesses, rapid-growth startups, & Fortune 500 companies.

My methods result in extreme mission clarity, which causes people to bond as a team, stay out of the weeds, & become laser-focused on what matters most.

Leading people to purposeful connection in three stages.


The assessment delivers precise insights to each of your team members. These insights lay the foundation for an experience rich with inspiring “aha!” moments.


Assessment results come to life in short workshops designed to transform insights into bottomline results.


Ongoing support & resources enable lasting behavior change.

Together, we help your team realize its potential.

Finding a better way.

I was the kid at the library with a stack of books that rivaled my height. I was driven to understand how things work and the library was my candy store.

As an adult, my appetite for learning guided my career to thriving restaurants, rocketing startups, and international Fortune 500 companies.

Along the way I increasingly focused on people. Specifically, learning how to create highly-engaged, job-loving teams. This happened after repeatedly seeing how much more people contribute when they really gel as a team—even people’s health improves!

Hands-on experience has taught me a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how to scale success. 

In learning to Create a Dream Team, I delved deep into questions like:

  • What sparks innovation & creativity?
  • How does motivation work?
  • How does a culture form?
  • Can ordinary people achieve extraordinary results?

The answers I’ve found might surprise you.

Create a Dream Team

A team of 5 can do the work of 10 or more—while loving it.