I help business leaders create Dream Teams.

Business leaders bring me in when they want to boost employee engagement and productivity.

Bolster recruiting results, boost employee engagement, and improve team effectiveness.

Reduce employee attrition, minimize unhealthy conflict, and prevent toxic behaviors.

When we work as a team, we work as one for the good of the whole. We do astonishing things. In place of drama, politics, and confusion is a single-minded entity—the team. That’s how a real team gets more done in less time and with less cost.

Teamwork puts heart in the work.

Finding a better way.

When I was little, I was the kid at the library with a stack of books that rivaled my height. Even at a young age I was driven to understand how things work and the library was my candy store.

As an adult, my appetite for learning guided my career to thriving restaurants, rocketing startups, and international Fortune 500 companies.

Along the way I honed in on people. Specifically, how to create highly-engaged, job-loving teams. This happened after repeatedly seeing how much more people contribute when they love their work—even people’s health improves!

Hands-on experience has taught me a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how to scale success.

I’ve especially learned to appreciate how culture forms, the beauty of simple, highly effective systems, and the power of teamwork.

The secret to creating a prosperous work environment where people thrive is revealed in the answers to questions, such as:

  • What makes us do what we do, especially the crazy stuff?
  • How do ordinary people achieve extraordinary results?
  • What sparks innovation, creativity, and adaptivity?
  • How does motivation work?
  • How does a culture form?

The answers I’ve found might surprise you.

Steve Sexton

Despite being extremely analytical, I focus more on human interactions and less on spreadsheets. In over 25 years of working with rapid-growth startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, I’ve learned the best results come from connecting what we do with why it really matters. I lean heavily on individually relevant stories, analogies, metaphors, and a lot of whiteboard sketches.

My methods stand on a strong foundation of evidence-based, time-tested core principles, and result in extreme mission clarity, which empowers people to gel as a team, stay out of the weeds, and remain laser-focused on the work that matters most.


Stories fuel extraordinary outcomes.

At its heart, business is a story about people helping people.

But sadly, many people in large organizations are suffering because their leaders are operating on an incomplete story—a common side effect of expansion. It’s caused by distance. Distance turns customers into revenue targets and employees into resource quantities. The resulting gaps in the story get unconsciously filled with bias, opinion, and speculation.

Friction is the unescapable consequence, and that friction erodes trust, which slowly wipes out employee engagement and customer loyalty—it’s a soul-crushing tragedy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Small business is different. It’s personal. Small business leaders look their customers and employees in the eye. They share experiences—stories.

Shared stories unite small business leaders, employees, and customers. They make us care deeply for one another.

Every business is built on a story that holds the power to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness—to inspire greatness!

I help business leaders use their stories to create something larger than themselves—something extraordinary.

Create a Dream Team

More people working more hours is not the answer.
Becoming more effective is.

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