Why Less is More When It Comes to Delighting Customers

This last Sunday I found myself at a popular Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, renown for their fried chicken wings. The customer experience is… um… strict. Prospective customers must sign up on a dry erase board and wait for their name to be called. Names are hurriedly called out by a hair-trigger host. If there’s no immediate response, he moves on (erasing the “no-show.”) If…


Why Delegation is Necessary

Clinging to the known is easy and comfortable, but it’s not satisfying. In fact it’s boring. Growth and gain come from doing the things we don’t really have to do. They come from stretching ourselves—by embracing discomfort.  But we don’t need to cannonball into new challenges, just dipping a toe in will do. As our toe gets comfortable, we need to put the rest of…


The Real Reason Customers Come Back (Again & Again & Again)

“I like cake. It makes my body happy!” — Zach, age 6 No one wants a slice of cake. We want how the cake makes us feel as it melts into our mouth.  What do we really want when we go to out to eat? Belonging? Companionship? Status? What do we really want when we go to a hair stylist? Confidence? Self-actualization? Research has revealed…


The End

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