How to Avoid Getting Snared by the Busy-ness Trap

Customers need proof. Proof that we are what we say we are.  Proof that we get them.  Proof that we care.  Proof that we’re capable, reliable, and trust-worthy.  Proof that we’re in it for the long haul.  Proof that we’re right for them. The best businesses create a continuous stream of proof—they walk their talk, again and again and again and again….  How to best…


Are You An Unintentional Diminisher?

People are born with a burning fire; a desire to explore and learn. Exploration leads to discovery. Discovery increases capabilities. Discovery is exciting. Excitement is motivating. Before we know it, we can do things we never dreamed of doing. Discovery gives us a new perspective. It increases our confidence. It makes us more willing to step up and try.  That is until someone we respect…


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