3 Simple Ways to Wipe Away Life-Gunk and See More Clearly

I was in a meeting a couple weeks ago and a man wearing glasses caught my attention. His glasses were smudged. I mean REALLY smudged. Distractingly smudged. How was he able to see anything? To be honest, I desperately wanted to ask him for his glasses so I could clean them. I imagined him lighting up when he put them back on, “Oh Wow! Thanks,…


A Team Building Lesson from Nick Fury and The Avengers

Creating a dream team is like working a puzzle. It’s about recognizing each person's unique contribution—their strength—and putting them in a position to use it. Nick Fury did this in The Avengers. Fury selected each member for the unique strength they brought to the team. As a result, the capability of the team far exceeded the individual capability of its members—the whole became greater than…


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