These 6 Truths about People Drive Our Outcomes

I’ve often read Event + Response = Outcome. To get a desired outcome we just have to respond in the right way. I don’t know about you, but frequently my response seems to happen without checking in with me first.

James Clear sheds some light on why it’s so hard to get in front of our responses in his book, Atomic Habits. It really comes down to our automatic responses — our habits. Habits reflect the actions that frequently get us what we want. They’re also tied to our sense of identity, which is why they’re so hard to change. He wrote, “The more you repeat a behavior, the more you reinforce the identity associated with that behavior.”

This matters because if you can pinpoint why people are doing what they’re doing, you can respond better and get outcomes you want. These seven truths help me understand where people are coming from and figure out how to best respond:

  1. The environment causes events (and triggers habits).
  2. How events are perceived shapes our beliefs (values).
  3. Our values drive actions.
  4. Our actions over time shape our identity.
  5. Our sense of identity influences our response.
  6. Our responses drive outcomes.

Core beliefs are like invisible glasses that only let us see certain choices. We can only choose from the options we see and those choices produce the outcome we get.

What we see determines where we go.

Feature image by Harry Quan

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