Are You An Unintentional Diminisher?

People are born with a burning fire; a desire to explore and learn. Exploration leads to discovery.

Discovery is exciting. Excitement is motivating. Before we know it, we see things differently. We can do new things. We have new confidence. It makes us want to step up and try to discover more. 

Until someone we respect tells us we can’t (in words or in actions). When we’re told we can’t, it casts a paralyzing shadow of doubt over us. Doubt is an insidious diminisher. Once it gets in, it grows. 

Doubt tells us we shouldn’t even try. Doubt extinguishes possibility. It makes us less than we would have been, had we only believed.

When someone believes in us, we become fortified against doubt. Our resolve is strengthened. It feeds our fire and inspires us to become more—amplifying our capabilities. 

This is the power we each wield—to diminish or amplify. To doubt or believe. 

Everyone is capable of becoming more, if we choose to believe.

Do you believe?

Photo by arash payam