Business Scale & Growth Just Happens When These 2 Growth Ingredients are Applied to These 5 Business Pillars

Primary Growth Ingredients PeopleSystemsWork routinesInternal controlsVisualProcedural People are essential for growth (to get more done each day), but their effectiveness is limited by the systems they employ. Systems provide structural support in the form of a clear goal & effective routines. Effective systems provide predictable results, focus, motivation, & risk mitigation. They are recipes, that when followed, produce consistent outcomes. Core Business Pillars Leadership (inspiration…


Sidestep Trouble and Set Your Business Up for Continued Growth with This One Activity

Our core values are tied to our sense of identity. The more something aligns with our values, the more we’ll fight for it. Our values are behind the objectives we set and the actions we take. Shared values make up the bedrock of loyalty, for both customers and employees. We’re all hard wired to seek out other people “like us.” We all want to feel…


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