Do You Work with a Vampire? How to Tell and What to Do About It

“Toxic people adhere as concrete blocks to your ankles, then push you to swim in poisoned waters.”

John Mark Green

Do you work with someone who leaves a trail of depleted people in their wake? Do the majority of their interactions leave people feeling badly? If so, they are poisoning the work environment. Draining everyone’s time and energy, like a vampire. They are a boat anchor, holding you back. And their toxicity is often contagious! Either somehow bad-day goggles grew on their face or they get some kind of enjoyment from it. Either way, unless they change, you’re far better off without them, even if it means being short-staffed!

And believe it or not, they’ll be better off too.

Unless their behavior is a recent shift, eliminate them. Do NOT try to fix them. Time and energy put into them is not moving your project, company, or yourself forward.

Have faith people will rise to the challenge. It’s easy to underestimate the toll this person is taking on you or your team’s productivity. I guarantee you’ll be surprised how much gets done once this person is out of the picture.

If elimination is not an option, Eric Barker has some advice.

Feature image by Mysserli