Use the Rule of 7 to Prevent Slow-Downs & Grow the Business

We’d all like to believe that just one look at our amazing business will generate a magic a-ha moment, but in reality, humans just don’t work that way. We need to warm up to things. This is the basis of the rule of 7. The rule of 7 states that generating viable sales leads takes about 7 positive interactions (or impressions) over a relatively short period of time. The idea is to stay top-of-mind with the people who would genuinely benefit from our product or service. 

Using multiple mediums to stay top-of-mind is ideal (e.g., email, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) However, each medium is different. To deliver content that’s relevant, helpful, and true to our business story, we need to understand the key characteristics of each medium. 

Think of each medium as a stream, and like a leaf in a stream, our message is carried by the medium. To be effective, our message needs to resonate with the right people. But most people are NOT the right people and most of the time, the right people aren’t looking at the stream. So to increase the odds of being seen by the right people, we need to release tailored content into each stream strategically. Basically, we need to match our content to the stream and its flow rate. The faster the flow, the more frequent and concise the content needs to be.

For example, the Twitter stream moves very fast, so to be seen, our messages need to be concise and posted multiple times each day. Twitter is also more personal. People expect the content to reflect the original thoughts of the person posting. Instagram is slower than Twitter, not as personal, and very picture-intensive. LinkedIn is the slowest stream and it’s occupation-oriented. Additionally, each medium has specific community characteristics, like age, gender, interests, etc.

To increase the odds of our message being received by the right people, we need to post the right content, in the right streams, at the right times. To do that we need to find answers for the following questions:

  • What story are we telling?
  • Whom does it resonate with and why?
  • Which streams do those “right people” use frequently?
  • When are the right people usually scanning the stream?
  • How fast is the stream flowing?

Developing systems for taking care of our marketing activities is the best way to minimize unwanted business slow-downs. We need daily and weekly routines, that over time, become embedded habits that keep us on track—even when we’re busy.

Effective marketing helps a prospective customer see a problem, believe it’s solvable, and trust our business to handle it. Doing so takes time, effort, and consistency, especially consistency. This is why the rule of 7 exists. The good news is that it’s never been easier to put ourselves out there. We just need to regularly wade into some streams, be seen, and get known!

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Feature photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

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