Something You Can Do—Right Now—to Boost Your Mood (caffeine-free)

Think of how your day could go badly if someone doesn’t show up.  Now, send them a note telling them why you appreciate what they do.

It’s easy to take people’s contribution for granted, especially when things go to plan. “Of course they did it, they’re supposed to, after all, it’s their job.”

But regardless of how much someone’s being paid or how prestigious their title sounds, they have a choice. Whether it’s conscious or not, they’re choosing to do what they do, and how well they do it depends on how much they think it matters.

I just thought of someone I appreciate, and it only takes a moment to send them a quick thank you note:

Thank you so much for reading this quick-tip. If not for you, I’d just be babbling into the ether. Knowing you’re out there motivates me to keep writing, and pushes me to make it as helpful as possible.

The thing is, it’s tough to keep showing up when we don’t feel appreciated. Appreciation says, “What you do matters!”

That’s why appreciation contributes to perseverance and success at work. People gladly do more when they feel their efforts are appreciated. They’re willing to go the extra mile, and keep going the extra mile. 

And, in addition to feeling good, it’s contagious! When we regularly express appreciation, we kick off a virtuous cycle of goodness in those around us. Positivity reverberates out like ripples on a pond, which is great for our business, because positive work cultures are more productive

Who shows up for you?

Cover photo by Jacqueline Munguía