Something You Can Do—Right Now—to Boost Your Mood (caffeine-free)

Think of how your day could go badly if someone doesn't show up.  Now, send them a note telling them why you appreciate what they do. It’s easy to take people’s contribution for granted, especially when things go to plan. “Of course they did it, they’re supposed to, after all, it’s their job.” But regardless of how much someone’s being paid or how prestigious their…


The Secret to Conquering Fear

Fear is a performance killer. Fear tells us we’re not good enough. Even confidence is shattered by fear. Only courage can stand up to it. Courage gets us moving in spite of fear.  But fear has a secret. It needs idleness. Mountain climbers only feel fear when they stop climbing. Excitement, engagement, and flow are in the climb—in the active pursuit. Growth is in the climb.…


The Means to Inspire Greatness is Hiding in Plain Sight

Shared stories unite business leaders, employees, and customers. The most powerful stories convey what people care most about, draw us in, and make us care too. They can even make us feel like family. Every business has stories. Stories with the potential to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness—to inspire greatness. When broadly shared, these stories make customers, employees, and leaders proud. They make us part…


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