Strengthening These 5 Pillars Fuels Small Business Growth

Primary Growth Ingredients

  1. People
  2. Systems
    • Work routines
    • Internal controls
      • Visual
      • Procedural

People are essential for growth (to get more done each day), but their effectiveness is limited by the systems they employ. Systems provide structural support in the form of a clear goal & effective routines. Effective systems provide predictable results, focus, motivation, & risk mitigation. They are recipes, that when followed, produce consistent outcomes.

Core Business Pillars

  1. Leadership (inspiration & environment)
  2. Sales & Marketing (lead generation & conversion)
  3. Operations (production & delivery)
  4. Finance (projections & collections)
  5. People (strengths & problem solving)

How would you rate the strength of each pillar in your business?

Business scale & growth just happens when the right people are empowered with systems, like recipes, that produce consistent outcomes for each of your 5 core business pillars.

“Few burdens are heavy when everyone lifts.”

Feature photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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