The Real Reason Customers Come Back (Again and Again and Again)

“I like cake. It makes my body happy!” — Zach, age 6

No one wants a slice of cake. Instead, we want how the cake makes us feel as it melts into our mouth and lights up our brain. 

What do people really want when they go to a nice restaurant?

  • Sensory appeal?
  • Belonging?
  • Companionship?
  • Social status?

What do people really want when they go to a hair stylist?

  • Confidence?
  • Self-actualization?

Research has revealed that decisions are guided by emotion. Customers want good feelings with their purchase. The way a business makes someone feel is why they choose it over alternatives.

Good feelings are the secret sauce that brings your customer back.

Quality and consistency are essential, but the secret sauce brings people back.

What’s your secret sauce?

Feature photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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