Why, Hope, and Courage are Stronger than COVID-19

Success isn’t about money. It’s about doing meaningful work. We all want to make a difference—to do something that matters.  

Doing work that helps others feels good, and it matters because it makes life a little better. Doing work that matters kicks off a virtuous cycle of goodness that benefits all involved. 

I was in pursuit of meaningful work when I left my corporate job to focus on helping small businesses, because I believe small businesses are the soul of a community. And behind every small business is someone chasing a dream. Helping someone realize a dream is something I can get behind. 

This brings me to the crisis at hand. Dreams are being threatened. COVID-19 is scary. Fear is a dream killer, and a powerful nemesis. Fear has a lot of people in its grip right now. 

To get moving again, we need hope. And there is reason to hope. Economies in a handful of Asian countries (including China) are restarting without a resurgence. There’s every reason to believe that when we make it through this crisis (and we will make it through), things will improve here too. 

We need hope because it helps us muster courage. Courage is the antidote for fear. Courage gets us moving, and keeps us moving, taking the next step—overcoming the immediate challenges.

If you or someone you know needs a little help finding a way forward, I can help. There’s always a way forward. Sometimes it takes more than one set of eyes to see it.

We’re in this together, and together is how we’ll get through it.

During this coronavirus crisis, I’m waiving my fees for small business owners. No cost. No selling. Just help, because dreams are on the line.

Do you need financial help, focus guidance, or just a pep talk? Contact me via telosiv.com, or grab some time on my calendar: https://calendly.com/steve-sexton/15min

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi

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