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A Business

The business environment is changing faster than ever, and the pace is increasing each year.

Staying on top of consumer preferences, competition, legal requirements, Internet technologies, business tools, payment methods, and everything else is challenging, to say the least.

Now more than ever, we need new ways of working that help us meet these challenges.

We need a vibrant mix of just-in-time, hands-on, experiential learning that stands on a strong foundation of evidence-based, time-tested business principles.

We Need Success Workshops!

Startup Success

Achieving Corporate Freedom

Do you yearn to escape the corporate life? Tired of pointless meetings? Do you long to make a living doing work that excites you? If so, this workshop is designed with you in mind! It will light a clear path and lay out the simple steps necessary to get you moving forward.

Topics include:

  • Building the Business
    • First things first
    • Formation
    • Fueling up
    • Resources
  • Crafting the Plan
    • Clarifying the value proposition
    • Constructing a flywheel
    • Surveying the landscape
  • Fear Wrangling
  • Finding First Customers

Situational Success

Tuning the Team

This adaptable workshop can be delivered in half-day or full-day formats. Tailor it to your needs by selecting from the following 45-minute session topics:
  • The Recruiting Fix
  • Performance Teaming
  • Motivating Millennials
  • Aligning Goals & Incentives
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Finding the FLOW
  • Excelling with Uncertainty
  • Mastering Delegation
  • Accelerating New Teams
  • Making Better Decisions
  • Understanding Trade-Offs
  • Cultivating Leadership
  • Flourishing through a Recession

Scaling Success

Stop Working IN the Business and Start Working ON It

Sustainable growth requires a solid, broad foundation and structure. This workshop is designed to help you build a business that lasts, one where the business is run by systems and the systems are nurtured by people. It’s tailorable to half-day or full-day formats.

Topics include:

  • Harnessing the Power
    • GPS & SLOPE
    • The recruiting fix
    • Aligning goals
    • Amplifying capabilities
    • Measuring what matters
  • Filtering the Noise
  • Keeping People Informed & Aligned
  • Structuring for Growth
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Excelling with Uncertainty

“Anyone who stops learning is old whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays strong.”

Henry Ford

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